Curious to know about The Ala Hazrat Books and its Author?

Assalamoalaikum Friends,

My name is Mohammed Tadeeb, founder of the website Ala Hazrat Books.

I’m a Digital Marketer by profession but sharing knowledge of Deen & Islam is my passion.

I’m very passionate about sharing Islamic knowledge and to aware people so that they can also share it with others.

The main aim to start Ala Hazrat Books is to share the benefits of Durood Sharif, all types of Dua & its role, the importance of Namaz, and Hadees sharif.

If anyone is curious to know my birthplace then I’m from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (India).

Ala Hazrat Books was my Dream

To start a blog like Ala Hazrat Books was my dream, and I was in search of a platform from where I can share all the important stuff related to Islam.

Sooner or later we will also provide the e-books written by the famous scholars of Islam.

The only goal of this blog is to share knowledge, ALAHAZRATBOOKS.COM does not encourage any sensitive social issues and respects every religion.

To the people who are willing to join me professionally and want to work or collaborate in the future, they may join me via my LinkedIn account, you can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

I have also started a Facebook group to build a community in which everyone can ask questions and give the answers as well. To join the group click on the given Facebook icon.

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