Astaghfirullah – Meaning and Benefits of Istighfar

Astaghfirullah is an Arabic word used by Muslims worldwide, which means “I seek forgiveness of my sins from Allah” commonly knowns as Istighfar.

When a person seeks Dua of Istighfar (forgiveness) from Allah, he gets the spiritual and physical benefits of this world and the afterworld.

It’s better to recite the full Istighfar Dua to get the immense benefits of its blessing, prosperities, and goodnesses from Allah.

In the Quran, Surah Baqarah, Ayat no. 222, It’s written that Allah likes the person who accepts Istighfar, move towards it, and invert from sins.

In Surah Taha, Ayat no. 82, Allah says “I forgive the people who move towards me, who seek forgiveness with me but must have Imaan and do good deeds after seeking forgiveness.

Full Astaghfirullah Dua with Meaning

أسْتَغْفِرُ اللهَ رَبي مِنْ كُلِ ذَنبٍ وَأتُوبُ إلَيهِ

Astaghfirullaha Rabbi Min Kulli Zambiyon Wa Atubu Ilaih


I ask forgiveness of my sins from Allah who is my Lord and I turn towards Him.


The Benefits of Astaghfirullah

Allah absolves (forgive) the person who does Istighfar diligently.
Allah gives salvation (nijaat) from terrible affliction and sadness.
Allah removes poverty and gives salvation from penury.
Allah provides Rizq from where a person did not even think of.
Allah gives prosperities (Barqat) in Rizq and livelihood.
Allah does torrential rain if a place having no rain and is in need.
Allah gives prosperities in childbirth and gives children who are not having.
Reciting Istighfar clears your heart and wipes out the black spots made after sins.
Allah forgives the biggest sins of a person who recites Astagh-firullah with a true heart.
Allah converts sins into goodnesses of a person who do Istighfar with a true heart.

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Istighfar 100 Times Benefits

The prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) does Istighfar diligently during His life span even though the Prophet was Masoom (clear from every sins).

Someone asked the Prophet that You are Masoom then why do you do so much of Istighfar, onto which the Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ) said.

“Why not I should be the thankful worshipper (banda) of Allah, even though Allah has made me Masoom but I will do the thankfulness of Allah”

And also the Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ) does Istaghfar to set an example and to teach Ummah so that His Ummah also do Istighfar and convince Allah.

Sahi Muslim – Hazrat Abdullah Bin Umar (RA) anecdotes that Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) said “Do Istighfar from Allah because I myself do 100 times Istighfar a day from Allah”

Istighfar Wazifa 100 Times Benefits

Following this wazifa will help you in completing your wishful supplications (Dua) that you make to Allah and it’s also a wazifa for marriage.

Make ablution (wuzu) before going to bed for sleeping at night.
Recite the Durood Sharif 3 times which you remember or Durood-e-Ibrahimi.
Now recite the full Astagh-firullah Dua 100 times with a true heart.
Now again recite the Durood Sharif 3 times that you recited in starting.
After this, raise both of your hands for Dua and ask for forgiveness from Allah.
Seek forgiveness from Allah of all your sins with a true heart or wet eyes.
Thereafter, Dua to Allah for any valid wish that you want.
InshaAllah, doing this wazifa will complete your every worthy wish.
This will also increase the prosperities (barqat) in your Rizq.
Also, Allah will provide Rizq from where a person was not even thought of.

Hadith on Istighfar (Dua of Forgiveness)

Abu Dawud (Book of Hadith) – Narrated by Hazrat Ibn Abbas (RA) that Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) said “If anyone constantly seeks pardon (Istighfar) from Allah,

Allah will appoint a way for him out of every distress, and a relief from every anxiety, and will provide sustenance (Rizq) from where he expects not.”

Sahih Bukhari (Hadith 318) – “If someone recites Istighfar during the day with firm faith in it and dies on the same day before the evening, He will be from the people of Paradise.

And if someone recites it at night with firm faith in it and dies before the morning, He will be from the people of Paradise.”

Astaghfirullah Quran Quotes

Surah An-Nisa (4:110) – “And whoever does a wrong (sin) or wrongs himself but then seeks forgiveness of Allah, will find Allah forgiving and merciful.”

Holy Quran (71:10-12) – “Ask forgiveness from your Lord. Indeed, He is forgiving. He will send down rain from the sky upon you in Abundance, And provide you with wealth and children and make gardens for you and make rivers for you.”

Holy Quran (8:33) – “But not is for Allah that He punishes them while you are among them, and not is Allah the one who punishes them while they seek forgiveness.”

A person who constantly and regularly does Istighfar with a true heart will be forgiven by Allah Almighty and Allah will not punish him.

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