Can You Have Sex During Ramadan With Your Wife

Can you have sex during Ramadan with your wife or not, this is a very common question people asked on various digital platforms but unfortunately everyone has their own views and thoughts.

I’m going to tell you exactly according to the Islamic rules and beliefs that can you have sex during Ramadan with your wife or not. Hopefully, this information will help you in gaining some Islamic knowledge.

Ramadan is the most precious month in which Muslims all over the world fast for one month from morning to evening. Moreover, they just not only fast, but they also pray for Salah, recite the Holy Quran, and worship diligently.

In this month Muslims also give expiation (Sadqa) diligently or you may say Zakat (a type of tax) to the poor and needy people. Zakat is a must, they have to give 2.5% of their annual income every year including Gold and Silver.

Can you have sex during Ramadan

You cannot have sex during the fasting hours in Ramadan but it’s allowed after the fast at night. Once the fast is over you are allowed to do things that are according to Islam.

Islam does not allow any intercourse between a girl and a boy other than they are married, whether it’s Ramadan or outside of Ramadan. Instead, the person should ask for forgiveness if he has done these sins in past.

The benefit of fasting during Ramadan is so much that Allah forgives the biggest sinners and if you want a confirmation that Allah has forgiven you or not, then you may see that you are doing that sin or not.

If you are sorrowful and apologized for that sin then you must be not doing it again, and if you are not doing it then probably there are high chances that Allah has forgiven you for those sins.

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Can you kiss during Ramadan

Basically, Ramadan fasting is all about controlling the desires, control on food, water, time-wasting activities, and other marital activities which also includes kissing wife during fasting hours.

If your kiss is the process of intimacy, then it’s forbidden but if you are kissing on her forehead for giving any type of sympathy in affliction then it’s all right but it’s better if you don’t make any physical relationship.

And if you are talking about unmarried couples then without any doubt it’s forbidden in Islam to kiss until the boy or a girl are not married whether it’s Ramadan or out of Ramadan.

Can you kiss during Ramadan

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