Can you Listen to Music During Ramadan Fasting

Can you listen to music during Ramadan is one of the most popular question being asked during the starting phase of Ramadan, as people realize that now they have to quit listening to music for a month.

Nowadays, people are habitual of listening to music while working, driving, walking or cooking that is the reason they find it difficult when it comes to leaving the music for a month.

Many people say by listening to music they feel stress-free and it relaxes the mind also but they must also understand that Durood Sharif recitation and other supplications have better results in these criteria.

However, listening to music during Ramadan or without Ramadan is forbidden in Islam and has big punishments. If you are habitual to music you may listen to the Naat and Hamd which is according to Islam and without music.

Listening to music is a sin and it’s a bigger sin when you listen to it during Ramadan. So better to leave it if you are habitual of it and focus on worshipping Allah by praying Salah, reciting Quran and Durood.

Punishment for listening to music in Islam

Nowadays, most Muslims are busy listening to music and songs instead of worshipping Allah, they all forget that there is another world after this for which they have to be prepared.

The person who listens to songs will indulge in painful persecutions which are so harsh that after knowing the punishment you may think twice before listening to music.

Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) said those who listen to songs or music, melt glass from the Hellfire will be put into the ear of the persons on the day of judgment.

The Hellfire had been washed 70 times with blessing water, after that the fire of this world made. So now you may imagine how menacing is the fire of Hell.

Punishment for listening to music in Islam

Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) said to Hazrat Sayyedena Abdullah Ibne Mashood (RA) that “there will be some people in my Ummah those whose face would good when they will die.

But when they will get up on judgment day either their face would be like a pig or either like a monkey. Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Mashood (RA) asked Ya Rasoolallah what will be their sins.

Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) said because of 2 Sins,

  1. The first one is that they will drink alcohol with different names.
  2. The second is that they will listen to music diligently.

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Does listening to music break your fast?

Listening to music does not break your fast but there will be no goodness (Sawaab) left of the fasting and even your fast will be Maqrooh. So if you are fasting then try to evade these types of sins.

Does listening to music break your wudu?

Listening to music does not break your wudu but you should avoid listening to music after wudu and if you listened to it intentionally then try to make Wudu again if you have sufficient time.

Can you kiss during Ramadan?

If your kiss is the process of intimacy, then it’s forbidden during fasting hours but if you are kissing on her forehead for giving any type of sympathy in affliction then it’s all right.

But it’s better if you don’t make any physical relationship during Ramadan in fasting hours, Instead, you may do the extramarital activities at night.

Are you allowed to brush your teeth while fasting?

You are not allowed to brush your teeth while fasting, you may do it before or after the fasting hours. Instead, Miswak is allowed, only you have to spit and do not swallow.

Can you listen to music after Iftar in Ramadan?

You can not listen to music after Iftar or anytime in Ramadan, even listening to songs and music is a sinful activity in Islam with big punishments which is totally forbidden.

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