Dua for Anxiety: 5 Best Magical Dua in English

Nowadays Anxiety and Depression are one of the major problematic diseases of the world, every second person suffers from it, few learn to survive with it, and few cause death.

Many lives are destroyed through it, the suffered person left no interest in living a life and because of it, the person starts smoking and few drinks alcohol which is totally forbidden in Islam.

Instead, the person should start reciting the Dua for Anxiety and Depression which will work as a medicine for them and helps in their treatment.

5 Dua for Anxiety in English

Normally when a person suffers from disquieting or depression, he chats with their friends, family, plays games, or does whatever in which he feels better so that he could forget that tension.

This is a good act of removing depression but we should never forget that Allah is the most merciful who can remove all the afflictions and tribulations from which a person is depressed.

So I’m going to tell you 5 Dua which are immensely beneficial in different forms and levels of distress, disquiet, affliction, hardship, tribulation, and depression.

1. Dua for Anxiety or Disquiet

Hazrat Ibne Abbas (RA) narrated that Prophet Hazrat Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam recites this dua in disquieting (Bechaini) or Anxiety.

“Lailaha Illal Lahul Azeemul Haleem,

Lailaha Illal Lahu Rabbul Arshil Azeem,

Lailaha Illal Lahu Rabbus Samaa vaate

Wa Rabbul Arze Wa Rabbul Arshil Qareem”

Reference: “Sahi Bukhari”

“No one is worthy of worship except Allah who is great

No one is worthy of worship except Allah who is the lord of Arsh (celestial sphere)

No one is worthy of worship except Allah who is the owner of the sky and land and prestigious Arsh”

Dua for Anxiety and Depression in English

2. Dua for salvation from Affliction, Tribulation, and Depression

The one who will recite this Dua, Allah will remove all his afflictions, tribulations, and Depression or else provide him much better things and happiness.

Narrated by Hazrat Abdullah Bin Masood (RA) that Prophet Hazrat Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam (pbuh) said this dua.

Then someone asked Ya Rasoolallah should not we learned it, Prophet Hazrat Mohammed SAW (pbuh) said in fact the one who listen shall learn it.

“Allahumma Inni Abduka Wa Ibnu Abdika,

Wa Ibnu Amatika Naasiyati Beyadika,

Ma Din Fihukmuka, Adlun Fikadaa Ouka,

Asaluka Allahumma Bekullis Minhuwa Laka Sammaita Behe Nafsaka,

Ao Allamtahu Ahadan Min Khalkeka Ao Anzaltahu Fikitabika,

Awistaa Sarta Behe Fi Ilmil Gaibe Indaka,

Antaj Alal Qur Aana Rabeeaa Qalbi Wa Noora Sadri,

Wa Jalaa Ahuzni Wa Zahaaba Hammi Wa Gammi

Illa Azhaballahu Hammahu Wa Huznahu,

Wa Abdalahu Makaanahu  Farajan”

Reference: “Musnad Ahmad Bin Hambal”

Dua for salvation from Affliction, Tribulation, and Depression

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3. Dua of Prophet Yunus Alaihi Salam (pbuh)

Many people say there are lots of barriers in their life and through which they get into anxiety but you should always remember that Allah tests his believers by giving them tribulations and happiness both.

Be Patient as Allah said I’m with those who have patience and pray Salah, do Sadka (expiation), and Dua diligently as it can even change the fate of the people.

We all know that Prophet Yunus Alahi Salam was in the abdomen of the fish for 40 days but very few people know that how Prophet Yunus Alaihi Salam get back from there.

Arabic verses: “Falaulah Annahu Qaana Minal Musabbeheen Lalabe Safi Baknehi Ila Yaomil Wa Afoon”

Meaning: If he was not the paternoster (tasbeeh reciter), then he would be in the abdomen of the fish until the resurrection.

The tasbeeh or litany that Prophet Yunus (AS) recited in that tribulation:

“La Ilaaha Illaa Anta Subhaanaka Inni Quntu Minazzaa Lemeen”

Reference: Surah-Al-Anbya (21:87)

Meaning: “There is no good but you, exalted are you, Indeed, I have been of the wrongdoers.

Dua of Prophet Yunus Alaihi Salam (pbuh)

4. Dua of 3 Men’s in Distress

You have often listened to that story in which 3 men were on travel and rain started, they found a cave to hide and suddenly a big rock fell on the doorstep of the cave.

The rock left no space from where they can come out, they tried to lift the rock but the rock was much bigger and heavy that it was not moved a bit.

Now they started praying Dua to Allah by taking the resource (waseela) of their good deeds and goodnesses (Nekiyan) which they had done in their life.

Example: Allah I had done that good deed and goodness, and on the expiation (sadqe) of that goodness, remove this rock or trouble from us and later the rock removed.

According to Hadees, the Dua which they had done was this,

“Allahumma Inqunta Ta Aalamo Anni Faantu Zaalika Ibtega Awajhika Fakhre Janna”

“O Allah I had done this work for you with the intention of Goodness, with that reason remove this rock or trouble”

5. Three Short Dua for Anxiety and Depression

Prophet Hazrat Mohammad SAW (pbuh) said Abdullah Ibne Qais should I tell you one of the treasures from the treasury of Jannat.

Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Qais said why not Ya Rasoolallah tell me, Prophet Hazrat Mohammed SAW (pbuh) said

La Haula Wala Quwata Illa Billah

Reference: Bukhari, No. 6384

Three types of Dua will always help in Anxiety and Depression:

  • “La Haula Wala Quwata Illa Billah”
  • Astagfar: Astag Firullah Rabbi Min Qulle Zambinw Wa Atuba Alaih”
  • Durood Sharif“Allaho Rabbo Muhammadin Salla Alaihe Wasallama, Nahno Ibado Muhammadin Salla Alaihe Wasallama”

What Causes Anxiety and Depression?

If a person is suffering from Anxiety and Depression it may have any of the causes such as unemployment, family pressure, lack of money, health issues, or any of their personal problem.

But to get out of it, have faith in Allah, pray Salah, and do Dua consistently, never forget to fight back, consult a counselor, and be motivated towards your goals.

Which Surah is good for anxiety?

Surah Ad-Duha and Surah Alm-Nashrah are said to be the best surah for anxiety and depression in the Holy Quran Sharif.

Allah subhana wa ta’ala revealed it at a time when our Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam was depressed, to soothe him.

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