Dua Qunoot: Meaning And Benefits in English Transliteration

Dua Qunoot is the soul of Witr Namaz (Salah) which is prayed just after the Farz & Sunnat Salah in Isha, without this Dua Witr Salah cannot be fully completed.

There is also an alternative option that you can pray in Witr Salah only if you don’t remember it but you will have to memorize it later anyhow because it has many benefits.

Here is the English transliteration of this Dua and Its importance in witr Salah with 4 Benefits of reciting it that will bring immense prosperities.

Dua Qunoot in English Transliteration

“Allahumma Inna Nastaee Nuka Wa Nastag Feruka Wa Numenu Beka Wa Na Tawaqqalu Alaika Wa Nusni Alaikal Khaira Wa Nash Quruka Wala Naq Furuka Wa Nakh La-oo Wa Natruku Mai Yafjuruka,

Allah Humma Iyyaka Na’Budu Wa Laka Nusalli Wa Nasjud; Wa Ilaika Nas Aaa Aa Nahfizu Wa Narju Rahma Taka Wa Nakhshaa Azaabaka; Inna Azaabaka Bil Kuffari Mulhik.”

Dua Qunoot in English Translation

Meaning in English Translation

“O Allah we want help from you and ask for forgiveness and we bring faith (Imaan) on you and believe in you and praise you a lot and we are grateful (thankful) and are not ungrateful and we differentiate who disobey you and leave them,

 O Allah we worship for you only and we pray Salah (Namaz) for you only and do prostrate (Sajda) and we run towards you only and present for your service and hopeful of your blessings and afraid from your persecution (Azaab) unquestionably Infidels are going to get your persecution.”

Dua Qunoot Meaning

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4 Benefits of Dua Qunoot

  • Reciting this Dua brings immense prosperity (Barkatein) to your income. The person who will recite this Dua 3 times after the salah of Ashar, Allah will provide immense prosperities in his income.
  • Reciting Dua-e-Qunoot will make the person interested in praying Salah. The person who will recite this Dua after every Salah, Allah makes the person’s heart towards Salah and make him interested.
  • Devil (saitan) cannot go even close to him to the person who recites it. The person who recites this Dua one time a day, Allah restricts the devil from going near that person.
  • Reciting it completes every rightful wish. The person who recites this with heart, Allah completes his wishes but always remember that you never miss Salah.

What to read instead of Dua Qunoot?

Sometimes people face difficulties in learning this Dua as it is a bit long. But there is an alternative short dua which you can learn easily and recite in Witr salah until you don’t remember the full Dua-e-Qunoot.

“Allahumma Rabbana Ataina Fiddunya Hasanatauw Wa Fil Akhirate Hasanatauw Wa Kena Azabannar”

Allahumma Rabbana Ataina Fiddunya

Can witr salat be prayed without Dua Qunoot?

Dua Qunoot is the soul of Witr Namaz (Salat) without this Witr Salat cannot be fully completed. But there is also an alternative short dua that you can pray in Witr Salat only if you don’t remember it.

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