How to Pray Eid Salah: Eid Prayer (at Home)

Eid-ul-Fitr is the most significant Muslim festival, which means happiness, but as it is prayed once a year, people generally forget how to pray eid salah prayer.

Eid salah is consists of 2 rakats and 6 takbeer (raising hands toward ears), that is prayed after the salah of Fajr in the morning according to Mosque timings.

If you are praying at the Mosque then listening to the Khutba (Speech) is wajib (mandatory) that is given after the salah of eid by the Imam.

Therefore, if you are praying Eid salah at home due to any reason then listening to the Khutba is not mandatory and you can pray it at home in the same way.

But according to the Hanafi cult (Maslak), the eid Salat can be prayed only in the Mosque or in Eidgah behind the Imam.

And If you are praying at home then you should pray the “Chast Salah” which is consists of 4 Rakats according to the normal Salah.

How to Pray Eid Salah Step by Step

Let me clear a few things before starting that the steps on how to pray eid salah is according to the Sunni Hanafi cult (Maslak).

If your beliefs are on some other cults like Shafi or Hanbali then some of the things may vary in the prayer but it’s the most common.

Make intention (niyat) for eid salah prayer

Make Intention to pray the salah of eid by saying these words “I intend to pray 2 Rakat Salah of Eid-ul-Fitr wajib with 6 takbeer for the sake of Allah, face towards Kaaba Sharif and behind this Imam” Remove “behind this Imam” if you are praying at home.

You will have to whisper these words slowly or you may also just assume it in your mind but it’s better to whisper according to the Islamic shariah.

Making intention is an important part of the eid prayer as it includes 6 takbeer which is very uncommon in comparison to regular prayers.

Raise your hands towards your ears

After making the intention raise your hands towards your ears in a way that your thumb touches the lower part of your ear and say Allahuakbar.

Then put your right hand onto your left hand on the bottom of your navel and start reciting Dua-e-Sana that is

“Subhaanaka Allahumma Wabi Hamdika Wata Baarakasmuka Wata Aala Jadduka Wala Ilaha Gairuka”

Do 3 Takbeer in the first rakat of eid salah

After reciting dua-e-sana release your hands from navel or abdomen and take them towards your ear for doing the first takbeer and say Allahuakbar.

After the first takbeer down your hands towards your leg, follow the same process for the 2nd and 3rd takbeer.

But remember that after the 3rd takbeer you will have to again put your hands on your navel or abdomen for reciting the Surah.

Recite Surah Fatiha and a short Surah

Now start with “Auzubillahi Minash Shaitanir Rajeem Bismilla Hirrah Manir Raheem” and recite Surah Fatiha (Alaham Sharif).

After reciting Surah Al-Fatiha read any Surah from the Holy Quran that you remember but opt for the Surah towards going to the end.

For example: If you recite Surah Kafirun then in the 2nd Rakat you will have to recite the surah that comes after it, like Surah Nasr.

And, if you recite Surah Falak in the first Rakat then recite Surah Al-Naas in the 2nd Rakat. This is the way followed in every salah.

Do Ruku and Sujood of eid salah prayer

Now go in Ruku by saying Allahuakbar, remember that whenever the body position changes you will have to say Allahuakbar except returning from Ruku, in that you will say “Samiallah Huliman Hamidah”

While in Ruku you have to say “Subhaana Rabbial Azeem” at least 3 times and a maximum of 7 times. Then return from Ruku by saying “Samiallah Huliman Hamidah” then go in Sujood by saying Allahuakbar.

In Sujood you have to recite “Subhaana Rabbi Al Aala” at least 3 times and a maximum of 7 times. Do the Sujood 2 times as it is a must and every time in going and coming from back from Sujood recite Allahuakbar.

Do 3 takbeer before going to Ruku in 2nd Rakat

Again start the second Rakat by Surah Fatiha and a surah but this time before going to Ruku you will have to do 3 takbeer.

After completing the second surah, do the first takbeer by raising your hands towards your ears and say Allahuakbar.

After the first takbeer down your hands towards your leg, follow the same process for the 2nd and 3rd takbeer.

Then for the 4th time say Allahuakbar and go into the Ruku.

Tashahhud and Salam in eid salah prayer

After the Ruku and Sujood of the 2nd Rakat, it’s time for Tashahhud (sitting position), in which first you have to read Attahiyat and then Durood-e-Ibrahim.

And then Dua Masura which is “Allahumma Inni Zalamto Nafsi Zulman Qaseerauon Wala Yagferuz Zunuba Illa Anta Fagfirli Magferatam Min Indika Warhamni Innaka Antal Gafururraheem”

After reciting Attahiyat, Durood Ibrahim, and Dua Masura, do “Salam” by moving your face towards the right and left by saying “Assalamoalaikum Warah Matullah” both of the times.

If you are still confused about “How to pray Eid Salah prayer” then watch the video linked in this article.

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