Innallaha Ma Sabireen: Meaning And Benefits

Allah (ﷻ) has shown us many ways of good deeds in the Holy Quran and from which one of an important Amal that every Momin (Islamic believer) must follow is Patience (Sabr).

Innallaha Ma Sabireen is one of the prominent and well-known ayat of the Holy Quran present in Surah Baqarah verse number 153, known by almost every Muslim of the world.

In Hadith, it comes that, once Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) was sitting with His companions (Sahaba), and the Prophet (ﷺ) asked His companions that who are you?

The companions (Sahaba) said Ya Rasoolallah (ﷺ) we are Momin, then the Prophet (ﷺ) asked what is the example or definition of your Imaan (faith), the Sahaba Ikram said there are 3 examples of our Imaan.

  • The first example is that when Allah (ﷻ) give us any difficulty, affliction, or tribulation, then we keep patience (Sabr) in those difficulties.
  • And, when Allah (ﷻ) gives us any Nemat (comfort, ease of living, food, etc), we do Shukr (grateful) to Allah (ﷻ).
  • And the third example is that we agreed on every decision of Allah (ﷻ) that He has made for us.

The Sahaba said these three 3 definitions in front of the Rasoolallah (ﷺ) that keep patience in tribulation and difficulties, be thankful to Allah (ﷻ), and agree on every decision of Allah (ﷻ).

When Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) listened to this, Prophet (ﷺ) said surely you are the true Momin, unquestionably this is the true example of your Imaan.

This Hadith tells us a lesson that keeping patience (Sabr) in the time of difficulties, affliction, and tribulation is one of the key features of being a Momin.

Innallaha Ma Sabireen Meaning

The correct pronunciation of this verse is Innallaha Ma As Sabireen, which means Indeed, Allah (ﷻ) is with those who keep patience.

Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) said the case of Momin is very strange, that if he faces difficulties he keeps patience, or if he gets any happiness he does Shukr (thankful) to Allah (ﷻ).

In both the situation Allah (ﷻ) gives him his reward and this is the magnificence of Momin only that he keeps patience in tribulations and even the Prophet (ﷺ) said that if a thorn prickles in the feet of a Momin, his reward will also be given to him.

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Innallaha Ma As Sabireen in Arabic

إِنَّ اللّهَ مَعَ الصَّابِرِينَ

Transliteration in English

Innallaha Ma As Sabireen

Sabr And Shukr leads to Jannah

Once there was a great Islamic scholar with an abundance of knowledge and expertise in the field of Islam, but the only thing is that his face was very black and not good-looking.

Based on his knowledge, the family members of a very beautiful girl married their daughter to that Islamic scholar by seeing his expertise in Islamic knowledge.

The girl was really really beautiful, pretty and attractive, her elegance was unbelievable and because she was from a good cultural family, she was doing the marriage.

After the marriage, whenever the scholar visits his home, he says to his wife that you are also Jannati (heavenly) and I’m also Jannati, she smiles and leaves.

Once her mood was not good as sometimes disaffection happens between the married couples, suddenly the scholar (husband) visited the home and said you are also Jannati and I’m also Jannati.

The girl said you only talk this, do you know anything else and if you had said these words, then explain to me that how you are Jannati and I am also Jannati?

The scholar said your family has done your marriage with me by seeing my knowledge, who does not look good by face, and as you are the queen of beauty, so don’t you keep patience (Sabr)?

When my face comes in front of you, you think however he is but he’s my husband and you do Sabr. His wife replied yes, then the scholar said the result of patience in Jannat and that’s why you are a Jannati.

His wife asked then how you are Jannati? The scholar said whenever I saw you I do Shukr (thankful) to Allah (ﷻ) that a black man whose face is not good got such a beautiful wife.

So you are Jannati because of Sabr (patience) and I’m Jannati because of doing Shukr.

That’s why its important to follow both Sabr and Shukr, as it can lead you to Jannah.

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Circumstances of Innallaha Ma Sabireen

Allah (ﷻ) tests our patience in different situations, whenever you thought that you are tired and fed up and face difficulties in even supplication, then just deploy your hands and say Innallaha Ma As Sabireen.

  • It is frequently recited by Muslims when they are confronted with a dreadful scenario, such as harassment, financial difficulties, familial problems, or marital disagreements.
  • When you’re in an annoying position and when your enemy, stranger, or neighbor constantly teases you or insults you.
  • When a Muslim faces difficulties in business, in work, or at interviews, or In a heated conversation where staying calm is difficult.
  • Most often, when a person strives so hard to achieve anything, but he or she fails every time.
  • A person or a family who suffers from health problems regularly or for an extended period of time.
  • A lady or a man whose marriage is failing for one reason or another.

These are just a few situations in which people are tested but there will be many more circumstances in which you will be tested in your life, so always remember that Allah (ﷻ) is with those who keep patience, and just say Innallaha Ma As Sabireen.

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