Safar Ki Dua: in English for Safe Travel (Dua for Travelling)

Safar Ki Dua (Dua for travelling) keeps you safe while travelling on any type of vehicle. Whenever Hazrat Ali (RA) puts his first step on reqaab to sit on the horse, he recites “Bismilla Hirrah Manir Raheem”.

After sitting properly on a horse, Hazrat Ali (RA) recites “Alham Dulillah” then recites the Dua of Safar (travelling). And then recite 3 times “Allah Hu Akbar” and 3 times “Alham Dulillah” and then recites “La Ilaha Illa Anta Fagfirli La yag Feruzzububa Illa Anta” and smile.

People asked Hazrat Ali (RA) that you recite these supplications (Dua) and we understood but what is the reason behind your smile after reciting these supplications.

Hazrat Ali (RA) said that I have seen the Prophet Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam (pbuh) doing the same thing and I also asked the same question to the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) that what is the reason for the smile.

Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) said when a worshipper (Banda) asked for the absolution (Maghfirat) to Allah, then Allah accedes (Raazi) from him too much that Allah says to the Angels that my worshipper knows that I’m the absolver that’s why my worshipper is asking for the absolution to me.

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said on being Allah happy, the smile came onto my face.

Safar Ki Dua in English (Dua for Travelling)

“Subhanallazi Sak Khara Lana Haaza Wama Qunna Lahu Muqreneena Wa Inna Ila Rabbena Lamun Qaleboon”

Meaning in English

“Glory to him who has bought this vehicle under our control, though we were unable to control it ourselves, and indeed, to our lord, we will surely return.”

Safar Ki Dua (Dua for Travelling) in English

The scholars of Islam also said that when a person travels after reciting the Safar ki dua on the belief and trust of Allah, Allah protects the traveller.

Whether you are travelling on any type of vehicles, safar ki dua for car and flight is same.

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Safar Ki Dua And The Drowning Ship By Ala Hazrat (RA)

Ala Hazrat (RA) is one of the greatest researcher and scholar of Islam, also known as Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi from Bareilly Uttar Pradesh, India.

Once Ala Hazrat (RA) was on a safar and travelling for the Hajj on a ship, in the middle of the ocean, the ship stuck around with the storm and heavy waves.

Captain of the ship said to everyone that there is no chance of survival and the ship is going to drown, so prepare your shroud and remember your God.

All the People on the ship started panicking but Ala Hazrat (RA) was sitting very calmly. People asked him how you can be so calm, as the ship is going to drown.

Ala Hazrat (RA) said “our ship will not drown, it will be on the shore InshaAllah. Because while coming on the ship I had recited the Dua that Hazrat Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has told us to recite when you travel.

And I know that the sayings of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) are undoubtedly right and because of the Dua-e-safar for travelling the ship will not drown”.

After that slowly the heavy storm waves stop and the ship comes to the shore, May Allah also gives us the same belief and faith in the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Wazifa of Safar ki Dua (Dua for travelling) by Ala Hazrat (RA)

Ala Hazrat (RA) mentioned in the Book of “Al Wazifa Tul Karima” that “the person who will recite this Dua 3 times before going on a journey (safar) or travelling or before getting out of the house.

His Deen, Imaan, Life, Goods,Family will be guarded and safe.” And that Dua is:

“Bismillahi Ala Deeni Bismillahi Ala Nafsi Wa Wuldi Wa Ahli Wa Maali”

Wazifa of Safar ki Dua by Ala Hazrat (RA)

What can I do for Allah to accept my Dua?

You can recite Durood Sharif before and after the Dua because Durood sharif is always accepted and It will increase the chances of acceptance or you can also take the Wasila.

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