Subhanallahi Wa Bihamdihi: Meaning And Benefits

Subhanallahi Wa Bihamdihi Subhanallahil Azeem is one of the shortest Dua with immense prosperities and benefits that Allah (ﷻ) has revealed, which means glory is to Allah and all the praise is to him, glory is to Allah the great.

Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) said two words (Kalma) that are very light on the tongue and very heavy on weighing machine and are very lovely to Allah (ﷻ) is Subhan Allahi Wa Bihamdihi Subhan Allahil Azeem. (Sahi Bukhari)

In another Hadith, Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) said if a person recites this Dua 100 times a day then all his sins will be forgiven if they are as much as the foam of the ocean. (Sahi Muslim)

Also, Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) said the person who will recite this Dua once, a tree will be planted in the paradise (Jannat) to the name of that person. (Tirmidhi Shareef)

Subhanallahi Wazifa for Marriage and Job

Our brothers and sisters those who are facing problems and difficulties in finding a good alliance for their marriage or whose alliance (Rishta) always breaks due to certain reasons.

Also, for those who are facing difficulties in finding a good job or whose businesses are not working and everything is going against them, then they should follow this simple wazifa.

  • After the Salah of Ashr recite Durood-e-Ibrahimi 3 times.
  • Then recite Subhan-Allahi Wa Bihamdihi Subhan-Allahil Azeem 5 times.
  • After that, recite Durood-e-Ibrahimi 3 times again.

After completing this, Pray (Dua) to Allah (ﷻ) for your needs. InshaAllah with the blessings and prosperities of Allah your all work will be completed.

Subhanallahi Wazifa for Rizq

We all know that its a time of recession, to whom Allah (ﷻ) had given a lot of properties (Barqat) in wealth, now they also complaint of low Rizq (sustenance).

Ala Hazrat (RA) is one of the iconic scholars of Islam who has solved a lot of problems (masla) of Ummat-e-Muslimah with his great knowledge of the Quran and Hadith.

Once Ala Hazrat was asked to tell a Dua for the prosperity (Barqat) in Rizq and a wazifa for the lack of prosperities in Rizq, Ala Hazrat answered it with a Hadith and a way to recite it.

Once a companion (Sahabi) comes to Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ) and said the world has turned their back with me, onto which the Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ) said.

Do you not remember that tasbih which is the tasbih of Malaikah and through which prosperities of the Rizq is given, the world will come to you.

  • After the starting of Fajr in the early morning and before the sunrise.
  • Recite “Subhanallahi Wa Bihamdihi Subhanallahil Azeem Wa Bihamdihi Astaghfirullah” 100 times.

The companion (Sahabi) spend 7 days and comes into the accompany of the Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ) and said the world has come to me so diligently that I’m shocked from where to pick and where to keep.

Ala Hazrat (RA) said to recite this tasbih 100 times diligently, InshaAllah with the prosperity (Barqat) of this Dua Allah (ﷻ) will provide immensely Rizq to you.

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Subhanallahi Wa Bihamdihi Benefits

There are immense benefits of this Dua, so let’s have an eye on some of its benefits.

Better than Mountain of Gold

Every Muslim wish to get a thing that is most lovable to Allah (ﷻ) whether its a man or woman that’s why we do Alms (Sadqa), give Zakat, Pray Salah, Quran and many more things.

Our Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) has also told us those things which are most lovable to Allah (ﷻ), in fact, better to alms the whole mountain of Gold in the way of Allah (ﷻ) proven by the Hadith’s.

Hazrat Sayyidina Hazrat Abu Umama (RA) narrated that Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) said for those it’s tough to worship at night or who feel misery in spending his wealth or who fears to Jihad with enemies.

Then he should recite Subhan-Allahi Wa Bihamdihi diligently because doing this is better than to Alm (Sadqa) the whole mountain of Gold in the way of Allah. So it’s better to recite it while walking, driving, or while doing anything.

Subhanallahi Wa Bihamdihi 100 times

Hazrat Abu Talha (RA) narrates that the Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) said the person who says La Ilaha Illallah then for him the Paradise (Jannat) is must (wajib).

The person who says Subhan-Allahi Wa Bihamdihi 100 times, so for him 1 lack 24 thousand (1,24,000) goodnesses (neki) been written.

When the Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ) told about the number of goodnesses (nekiyan), all the companions (Sahabi) said to the Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ).

Ya Rasoolallah if so many goodnesses is being given then no Muslim will fail in the akhirah (resurrection) because then everyone’s goodnesses will be more.

Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) said few people would although fail because in between you the person will bring so many goodnesses that if write on the mountain then the mountain would be pressed.

But in comparison to the naimat (blessings) of Allah (ﷻ), those goodnesses will be finished or nothing and then Allah (ﷻ) will save to whom He wants and will help from being fail (Halaaq) to whom He wants. (Sahi Bukhari)

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