Laanati Waseem Rizvi Latest News and Statement On Quran

On Thursday 11th of March 2021, Laanati Waseem Rizvi the ex-chairman of the Shia Waqf Board filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India to remove 26 verses (Ayat) from Quran.

In his petition, he claimed that these verses encourage terrorism, jihad, and violence. In the petition, Rizvi also claimed that these verses were added later by the caliphs of the Muslims.

After listening to Laanati Waseem Rizvi latest news statements which spread like fire all over India, the Muslims shows their anger against him by protesting and requested the government to arrest him immediately.

Responding to this news, the scholars of the Markaz-e-Ahle Sunnat Bareilly Sharif also requested the government to arrest Waseem Rizvi and all the associated organizations represented their anger.

The vice president of All India Raza-e-Mustafa, Salman Hasan Khan Qadri said that the ex-chairman of Shia Waqf board Waseem Rizvi’s petition is a publicity stunt.

And it is done to take the political benefits, thereafter quoted that “amendments in the verses of the Quran is far away from thinking, amendment in the Quran on even a point (Bindu) can not be done.

Waseem Rizvi BJB Condemns Shia Waqf Board Ex-Chairman

BJP is the ruling party of India and In Jammu and Kashmir, BJP condemns ex-chairman of the Shia Waqf board Waseem Rizvi for hurting the religious sentiments and joined the protest with Muslim Religious organizations.

The BJP leader of the valley Manzoor Bhat said that we have filed a complaint against the accused before the police and no one is allowed to speak up against any community or to change their Holy Book.

Another BJP leader of the valley said that amendments are unacceptable, Quran teaches us to love, peace, brotherhood, and not violence. The government should react fast and arrest Mr. Rizvi for his remarks.

Member of Parliament Dr. Faruque Abdullah said the act of Mr. Rizvi was abominable and the Holy Quran is incorruptible and unchangeable and strict action must be taken against him for hurting the sentiment of Muslims across the Globe.

Waseem Rizvi BJB Condemns Shia Waqf Board Ex-Chairman
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Waseem Rizvi Statement On Quran Annulment (Radd) by Syed Aminul Qadri

Laanati Waseem Rizvi has not just filed the petition in the supreme court for removing the 26 verses of the Quran but also made a wrong statement on Quran in his petition.

He said that after the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) the first, second, and third caliphs of Islam had collected and issued the book by making amendments that encourage terrorism and violence.

After listening to this statement Syed Aminul Qadri said If you are not able to understand the verses of the Quran, come to us we will explain, who are you to ask for the amendments, Quran was, is, and will unchangeable till the resurrection.

Not even any Muslim is allowed in the world to make amendments or to remove a single point from the Quran, and those who ask for removing any of the verses from the Quran are not from us.

Thereafter said that the Caliphs of Islam has not added any extra verses in the Quran, even it’s their favor that they had provided the same Quran to Ummat-e-Muslimah without any changes.

The same Quran was at the time of the Prophet Mohammed companions (Sahaba), at the time of Ahle-Bait and the same is now and InshaAllah will be present till the resurrection.

The people like Waseem Rizvi were also in the past and in present and will be in the future also, those who don’t have any religion, any faith and beliefs.

News related to the Controversial Past of Waseem Rizvi

(1) In 2019, when Laanati Waseem Rizvi was the chairman of the Shia Waqf Board, he had written a letter to the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi.

In which he said to shut down the primary Madarsas (Islamic School)  to check the ISIS influence on Muslim children.

He also wrote that if Madarsas are not shut down then half of the population of India will become supporters of the ISIS Ideology in just 15 years.

(2) In 2018, Waseem Rizvi filed a petition in court to ban the hoisting of Green flags in which crescent and star emblem is made, quoting that such flags are un-Islamic and should be ban.

He also said that such flags are very similar to the Pakistan Muslim League (PML) and the action must be taken against the people and organizations hoisting it as it belonged to an “enemy country”.

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