What to eat for Suhoor to not get thirsty | Dua for Suhoor

What to eat for Suhoor to not get thirsty during the fasting hours of Ramadan as many people suffer from thirst quench and dehydration due to which they are not able to make all the fast of Ramadan.

However, fasting is not just all about restrictions on food and water, in fact, it’s also about controlling anger, lie, sinful activities through which you build patience, control on mind, likeness, and unlikeness.

The Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) said “Whoever does not give up false statements (telling lies), and evil deeds, and speaking bad words to others, Allah does not require his fasting, leaving his food and drink.”

Sahil Al-Bukhari 6057

So let’s know some of the healthy foods to eat for Suhoor that will make your body hydrated and you won’t feel thirsty throughout the whole day.

What to eat for Suhoor to not get thirsty

Usually, it’s normal to get thirsty while fasting and even good because the more you get hungry and thirsty, the more you develop the power of patience to tolerate anything.

And also you will develop a controlling power through which you will be getting benefitted in the future, but few people skip their fasting due to the quenching of thirst that is unbearable.

This happens because of the lack of water-rich foods in the body during Ramadan times, So I’m going to tell you the top water-rich foods that you can eat for Suhoor to not get thirsty and dehydrated during fasting hours.

Curd 80% of water

Curd contains 80 to 85% of water filled with proteins and minerals that will make you hydrated throughout the whole day if you eat this for Suhoor.

Curd is also advised for the person suffering from low energy and is a good source of glucose. Curd is tested by many people in Suhoor and has positive results.

Watermelon 90% of water

Watermelon is consists of more than 90% of the water that fulfilled the need of your body during fasting hours which probably don’t let you get thirsty if you take it at Suhoor.

Watermelon contains more water than any other fruits and keeps your body hydrated for long hours and it also contains 6% of sugar which may be unhealthy for a sugar patient.

Muskmelon 90% of water

Muskmelon also consists of more than 90% of the water which helps you from thirst quench and keeps your body hydrated for a long period of time.

Just 100 grams of muskmelon consists 67% of vitamin A and 61% of vitamin C which also helps you making a healthy digestive system and regulating blood pressure.

Dates 90% of water

Dates nutrition are beyond imagination which contains most of the nutrition that your body is needed. Although, it’s rich in water with almost 90% that won’t let you go thirsty.

Dates are grown in the dryland areas but still consist of 90% of the water. It grows mostly in the Middle East, regions of South Africa, and a few parts of Asia.

Dua for Suhoor

وَبِصَوْمِ  غَدٍ نَّوَيْتُ  مِنْ شَهْرِ  رَمَضَانَ

“Wa Besaume Gadin Navaeto Min Shahre Ramadan”

“I intend to keep the fast for tomorrow in the month of Ramadan”

Dua for fasting in Ramadan Sunnah (Dua for Suhoor)

What to eat for Suhoor Sunnah

Doing Suhoor is the Sunnah of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) and Suhoor has immense prosperities (Barkat). The Prophet said “Make Suhoor because verily in As-Suhoor is Barakah (blessings)”

Sahih Al-Bukhari 1923


I hope now it’s clear what to eat for Suhoor to not get thirsty but remember that whatever the food you eat, eat in a proportion that it only fills 3/4 of your stomach and leaves 1/4 empty.

It’s the Sunnah of the Prophet and also proven by science that by doing this the food will digest better and will have a healthy impact on your liver with not enough pressure.

The prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) said “Whoever observes fasts during the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah’s reward, then all his past sins will be forgiven”

Sahih Al-Bukhari 38

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